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American Classical Music Walk of Fame

The Walk of Fame is a groundbreaking project that combines classical music, arts education, urban redevelopment, a public park, cutting-edge technology, and a dancing fountain. Located right outside the steps of Cincinnati’s famed Music Hall, the Walk of Fame is the only project of its kind in the world and promises to become a tourist destination for the region.

The Walk of Fame experience begins with pavement stones engraved with names of Hall of Fame inductees – similar to the Hollywood Stars! But the Walk of Fame is about learning, fun, and classical music, so it doesn’t stop there.

Use your mobile devices in the park to learn about Hall of Fame inductees by reading bios, seeing pictures, listening to educational audio tours, and by playing music through an interactive mobile jukebox which broadcasts music through the park speaker system and activates the park’s dancing fountain jets.

The Walk of Fame in Washington Park is a living example of community collaboration. Funding and in-kind services for this project were provided by:

  • The American Classical Music Hall of Fame
  • The Ohio Cultural Facilities Commission
  • The City of Cincinnati/Cincinnati Park Board
  • 3CDC
  • InfoTrust, LLC
  • Cincinnati Public Radio, WGUC 90.9 FM
  • ArtsWave
  • Sony Entertainment Music
  • Centaur Records
  • EMI Records
  • The Muzak Historic Archive

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1230 Elm Street
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