Washington Park Garage is making proactive efforts to better serve our customers and meet the increasing demand for parking in the OTR neighborhood by increasing the garage’s capacity. To support this initiative, the garage has implemented a new valet-assist parking program.

The program will be in effect Monday-Friday from 7am-4pm. Parkers should enter the garage in the normal fashion and proceed to the second level to see the on-duty attendant. Regular parking rates apply, and there is no additional fee for the valet-assist services.

Learn more about the new valet-assist parking program.  

Washington Park valet-assist feedback

More about Washington Park Garage

The 450-space, two-level, underground parking garage is open and staffed 24 hours per day, seven days per week. The wide open parking decks are illuminated by natural sunlight during the day with three broad stairwells and glass elevator shafts located on the northeast corner, northwest corner, and across from the Music Hall entrance. Security cameras located throughout both levels are monitored in the garage office and from the Cincinnati Police Department’s Emergency Operations Center.

Two vehicular entrances/exits are located on Race Street at 13th Street, and on Elm Street across from Music Hall. Automated pay stations allow you to pay for parking in any of the three elevator lobbies before returning to your vehicle.

Free bike parking is available on the east side of the first parking level.

Daily Parking Rates

0-1 hour – $3
1-2 hours – $4
2-3 hours – $5
3-4 hours – $6
4-5 hours – $7
5-6 hours – $8
6-7 hours – $9
Over 7 hours – $10
Weekday evenings after 4pm: $6 flat rate (max 8 hours, after which normal Weekday or Weekend rates apply)
Weekend (Saturday and Sunday): $6 flat rate (max 8 hours, after which normal Weekday or Weekend rates apply)

Special Event Rates between $3-$15 may apply dependent on neighborhood events. Payment upon arrival is encouraged during Special Event Rates to allow for faster egress. Monthly parking passes are available for $100/month. For more information, please contact the Garage at 513.246.1920.


Thank you for contacting Washington Park. We appreciate the feedback and will be in contact with you soon!

1230 Elm Street - Cincinnati, OH 45202

1230 Elm Street
Cincinnati, OH 45202

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